Lee Man Fong (1913 - 1988)






The last 10 years we have sold about 30 paintings by Man Fong.
On the 5th of December 2018 we achieved the highest result till now:
€ 720.000 (hammer price) for 'Awakening Eagle'.
We found the painting in the remote north of Iceland.


Our interest in Man Fong is not only commercially.
Already for a long time we do research and gather
information for our large archive.

This will later result in the publication of a
new book about Lee Man Fong.

If you have a painting by Lee Man Fong,
or something that could be interesting for our research,
please contact us!

For our archive many things can be interesting:
old photographs, articles, catalogues, etc.

We already have a lot, but if you have something:
don't hesitate, maybe you have something we don't have!






In October 2018 Zeeland Auctioneers held the exhibition
'Lee Man Fong, back in the Netherlands after seventy years'

The exhibition was opened by
the Ambassador of Indonesia,
His Excellency I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja.

Lee Man Fong (1913-1988), palace painter of President Sukarno,
is very well known in South East Asia, but less famous in Europe.

Many Europeans never heard of this great painter,
even though he lived a few years in the Netherlands.
Around 1950 he held several exhibitions here,
which were, at that time, received very well by art critics. 
Because of this, we wanted to re-introduce Lee Man Fong
to the European public by an exhibition.


Via this link you can download the exhibiton catalogue






A few paintings by Lee Man Fong that we sold on our auctions.
























































































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